A Collaboration with Ellen

A Collaboration with Ellen

Collaborations that work, like the greatest of friendships, are born out of commonalities. The same dream, a similar vision, a common goal - whatever the driving force is, it aims to create magic, which is what we at Casa Selma aspire to do with Ellen Adarna.

While Ellen needs no further introduction, it is her growth as a person that serves as an inspiration to many. You hear it in the way she answers her sought-after Q&A stories, many of which have inspired a generation to value one’s peace. You feel it in the way she carries herself, now with the sense of ease of a woman who knows what she deserves, and is rightfully unapologetic for it. You sense it in her role as a mother, and more recently, as a wife. It’s something you can’t quite point out but know it’s there... and it’s beautiful to see.


On top of all of this, it is her journey towards wellness that has inspired us to work closely with her. The new normal has brought about a different kind of busy, one that, if we may say so, is more physically & mentally taxing than it was before the pandemic. More than ever, the importance of self-care has been magnified, and rest should be part of every person’s list of essentials.

This is exactly what both Ellen and we at Casa Selma wish to bring to you. It is along this line that we have created these carefully curated essential oils, to remind us all that in in spite of how occupied we may be, it is important to take a breath and relax.

On your very own journey to find your calm, we hope to be there with you.


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