Life by the Sea

Life by the Sea

The most meaningful connections are born of intentional back-and-forths. An exchange of valuable ideas, we’ve found, is not unlike the oceans, moving in tides, waves, & currents. They flow between & within, interconnecting to form one great mass of water. 

Time and time again, countless instances in design history have proven that two heads are indeed better than one. With Casa Selma’s dedication to diverse collaboration, allow us to say that our latest collection with Sarah Lahbati is further proof that this perpetually-used saying holds true.


One can go on and on about the many hats that Sarah wears - she a mother of 2 beautiful boys, a businesswoman, an ambassador for brands, a model - but whichever she has on, one can be sure that she is committed to it in all respects. It is this commitment to everything she does that has naturally drawn us to her, and, we’d like to think, her to us.

Working closely together, both in the studio and online, we’ve created the Sarah Lahbati Collection, a selection of home furniture that draws inspiration from something incredibly close to Sarah’s heart - the sea.

Sarah’s adoration for the water began when she started diving at the age of 8, and moving to the Philippines has only magnified her love for the ocean even further. It is the sense of calm & zen that one can only get from being underwater that has left her enamored by and connected to the sea.

This relationship with the ocean has inspired the Casa Selma x Sarah Lahbati Collection to evoke the way the sea makes one feel - to be at peace, to be tranquil, to be still.

Created with simplicity & versatility in mind, the pieces in the Casa Selma x Sarah Lahbati Collection are underrated without being bland, clean without being boring, and are bound to have space in your home no matter what your style is.


With all the thoughtful details Sarah herself has curated, from the carefully selected colors that call to mind your most special memories of the sea, to the meticulously fine tuned finishes so these pieces are able to grow with you, each item is sure to elevate your home, proving that less really is more.