Bamboo Essential Oil Roller (10 ml)


Available nationwide via Lazada and Shopee

Bamboo. A collaboration with Ellen Adarna.

It takes a certain strength to admit one’s vulnerability. May your sense of self-awareness, brought about by truly living life, remind you that, like the bamboo, you may bend with the wind, but you will never break.

Ingredients: Liquid Paraffin, Peppermint Camphor, and Bamboo (Bambusoideae Poaceae) Oil

Direction for use: Rub gently on the forehead and other intended areas. Apply as necessary.

Precaution: Avoid contact with the mouth, eyes, and mucous membrane.

For children, use under adult supervision.

Note: Store the bottle in a cool and dry place in an upright position. Minor leaks may occur during product usage.